Tombo Katana by John Lee

The dragonfly (Japanese "Tombo") was considered an honorable symbol of the samurai. It symbolized the courage of the warriors and the attitude of never giving up. The worship of the Japanese for this insect, which is considered in Shintoism as the spirit of the rice plant and harbinger of a harvest-rich autumn, is also expressed in many poems. This sword is a real highlight in many ways. Especially the ornamental parts, the differentially hardened blade of the Shobu-Zukuri style and the sheath with Kozuka make this Katana very special. More information...

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Tombo Katana by John Lee

  • Sharp blade made of 1095 carbon steel
  • Shobu-Zukuri style blade (flowing tip transition) with fuller (Bo-Hi)
  • Differential heat treatment (hardening) with clay
  • Handle wrap of burgundy silk in the classic hineri-maki style
  • Black, high gloss lacquered scabbard (Kuroro style)
  • Scabbard with Kozuka (Adder)
  • Including attractive collector box
  • Made after a historical template
  • Handle length approx. 300mm
  • Genuine hamon
  • Total length approx. 983mm
  • Blade length 678mm
  • POB approx. 8cm off the Tsuba
  • The oval Tsuba measures approximately 77.6 * 84.6 * 5.7mm
  • The Kashira measures approximately 36.88 * 21.4mm
  • The Menuki measures approximately 40.3 * 13.5mm
  • The Fuchi is approx. 10.8mm wide
  • The blade edge is razor-sharp (about 0.2mm thick)
  • Blade profile at the Habaki approx. 31.3 * 7.93mm
  • Profile blade at the Yokote 23.33 * 5.45mm
  • The weight of the sword without the scabbard is approx. 1072 g
  • Weight of Saya approx. 292 g
  • The Kozuka knife is approx. 208mm long and its blade is approx. 112mm long
  • The profile of its blade is approx. 12,97 * 1,22mm
  • The handle is decorated with a gilded reed relief
  • This sword is designed for practical use.
  • Blade made of 1095 carbon steel differentiated hardened with genuine Hamon line (approx. 60° Rockwell at the cutting edge, approx. 40° Rockwell at the blade back)
  • Shinogi-Zukuri-style blade without fuller (Bo-Hi)
  • Black cotton handle wrap in classic hineri-maki style
  • Black matt lacquered scabbard with shiny black lacquer speckles (Kuroshime-style)
  • Delivery in an attractive collector box
  • Hardness of the blade edge approx. 60° HRC
  • Hardness of the blade back approx. 45-50° HRC
  • The blade edge is very sharp!

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