Gold Lion Katana

The Cold Steel® Gold Lion Katana represents a Samurai's every day carry sword for personal protection and the defense of his Lord, his family and his home. Significantly lighter than some of Cold Steel®'s other heavier-duty Katanas, it is not only faster in-hand, but also easier and more comfortable to carry when tucked into an Obi and worn all day. The Katana's Menuki bears the symbol of the Japanese Shisa (Lion Dog), a guardian or protector - a fitting motif for this beautiful lightweight sword. More information...

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Gold Lion Katana

  • Material: Damascus steel
  • Overall length: approx. 104.8cm
  • Blade length: approx. 76.2cm
  • Blade thickness: approx. 6mm
  • Handle: approx. 28.6cm long, ray skin w/ black silk cord wrap & brass Menuki
  • Weight: approx. 814 g
  • Incl. black lacquered wood scabbard
  • Cold Steel® Product No.: 88ABKProduct No.: CST-88ABK

The Gold Lion Katana's blade is made from expertly hand-honed and highly polished Damascus steel, with a Hamaguri grind, a peaked Iori Mune spine and an undulating clay-tempered Hamon. The black iron Tsuba, Fuchi and Kashira all have gleaming 24 carat gold leaf accents and the handle features white rayskin and a black silk cord wrap.

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