Musashi Iaito, various blade lengths

The Musashi Iaito from Paul Chen provides an economical yet authentic sword for the Iaido practitioner. It features genuine same (ray skin) on the tsuka, with a tightly woven leather tsuka-ito. The long tang is double-pegged for security. Named after Miyamoto Musashi, one of the most renowned swordmasters in Japanese history, and featuring the famous "double ring" iron tsuba, the Musashi Iaito is faithful to the original. More information...

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Musashi Iaito, various blade lengths

Premium quality, made by Hanwei.

Key features:
Steel Iaito blade
Build for martial artists

This Iaito is available in 3 different blade sizes:

Musashi Iaito 27 in. blade, Hanwei product no. SH6003IGC
Overall length approx. 97.8cm
Blade length approx. 68.6cm (27 in.)
Weight approx. 850 g

Musashi Iaito 28 in. blade, Hanwei product no. SH6003IGE
Overall length approx. 100.3cm
Blade length approx. 71.1cm (28 in.)
Weight approx. 861 g

Musahsi Iaito 29 in. blade, Hanwei Product no. SH6003IGG
Overall length approx. 102.9cm
Blade length approx. 73.7cm (29 in.)
Weight approx. 873 g

All other specifications are identical for all above-mentioned swords:

  • Blade material: stainless steel
  • Handle length approx. 26.7cm
  • Point of balance approx. 12.7cm off the guard
  • Blade width at guard approx. 3cm
  • Blade width at tip approx. 2.2cm
  • Blade thickness at guard approx. 6mm
  • Blade thickness at tip approx. 5mm

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

Samurai swords warranty.

The protective wooden case, in which is the product packaged, comes free of charge.

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