Golden Autumn Katana, over 8.000 layers!

This Premium Katana John Lee series impresses with its simple elegance. The trim rate (Tsuba, Menuki, Fuchi and Kashira) are handmade and set in a simple fall scene, the beauty of the moment represent this noble, unique trim rates are very much in the style of the Edo period (1603 -1868), the heyday of elaborate swords.

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Golden Autumn Katana by John Lee

  • Sword in Shinogi zukuri style without fillet (Bo-Hi).
  • Sound design in kobuse style * with 12x folded coat steel (over 8.000 layers).
  • Handle wrapped in black silk in classic Hineri maki-style, accompanied by traditional triangles of paper (Hishigami).
  • Black, high-gloss lacquered scabbard with integrated ray skin (Same Kuroro-style), as well as financial statements (Kojiri, kurigata, Koiguchi) from buffalo horn.
  • Blade collar (habaki) and washers (Seppa) are hand-made of brass.
  • Long tang, which is connected two bamboo pins (Mekugi) is fixed in the handle. The sword can be thus fully dismantled.
  • All trim rate (Tsuba, Fuchi, Menuki, Kashira) are handmade from metal and give each sword with a personal touch.
  • Supplied in an attractive wooden collector's box, including sword sheath of silk.

The blade was forged by hand in elaborate kobuse style. A 12x folded, hard (60 Rockwell) steel casing from 1095 carbon steel surrounding a core of softer (40 Rockwell), low-carbon steel. The masterly work of the polisher bring damascene (Hada) and temper line (Hamon) clearly to the fore, enhanced by a mirror finish on the back of the blade.

  • Handle length 29 cm
  • Blade length 52 cm
  • Overall length (without sheath) 102.5 cm
  • Weight (without scabbard) 1250 g

Each Golden Autumn Katana John Lee samurai sword comes with a original seal and a certificate of origin.

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