Excalibur sword with golden and silver enamel

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Excalibur sword with golden and silver enamel

Please note: This is just an ornamental item, not intended for real use!

  • Cross-guard and pommel made of Zamac
  • Golden pattern on the blade
  • Blade made of 420C stainless steel
  • Total length approx. 1130mm
  • Blade length approx. 883mm
  • Length of the guard approx. 240
  • Width of the blade approx. 52.86mm
  • Thickness of the blade approx. 4.99mm
  • Weight approx. 1943 g

Art Gladius historical swords are detailed representations of the swords of famous historical figures or legendary heroes. King Arthur's history and legend is intimately linked to the magic and mystery of this magnificent sword, "Excalibur." As Merlin the wizard proclaimed, only one shall be able to remove the sword from the stone, and he shall be king. Arthur knelt in front of the stone and took the sword and beheld his destiny. This Excalibur Sword is a beautiful representation of the mystical sword befitting a destined King.

The EXCALIBUR SWORD by Art Gladius of Spain is available in three hilt finishes, all making extensive use of precious metal plating. Bronze 201, Gold Deluxe 202, and duotone Silver & Gold 203.

All dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Top branded quality, made by Art Gladius®. Made in Toledo (Spain), in the city with centuries-long traditional of blacksmithing, sword-making and other ancient crafts.


The mystic sword of King Arthur Shouded in legend yet known universally as EXCALIBUR.

History has is that the young King Arthur secured his crown after a long period of fierce contest to be the king of England.

No heir was apparant so Merlin the Wizard devised a test: He so ever who pulled the sword from the stone where it had been thrust by a dying monarch would be king of England.

Or did Lady of the Lake bring EXCALIBUR to the surface to be snatched by the young Arthur? Only Merlin knows.

Fact is that the magical sword of the legendary time has been brought to life by GLADIUS. ¡EXCALIBUR and all its splendour now exists!

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