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Order a Custom-Tailored Costume from Outfit4Events. Here is How!

Šití kostýmů na míru

Ever been browsing through historical records and found that your favourite historical figure has a unique outfit or look that we don't offer in our store? Or maybe you would prefer a medieval cloak in an unusual colour? Here is great news for you - we can customize and tailor any costume you want. Learn more about how to order one.

Here are 5 steps leading to your custom costume

1. Order a customized costume by email

Write to us at and describe the type of costume you would like, or which customization you require. Doesn't matter if you need to change the colour of some costume or adjust the fit. Our skilled dressmaker can make almost anything happen. If you want to help us understand what you need, make sure your e-mail includes a photo of yourself or a link to the product on our e-shop. 

We will process your request, and as long as the desired product does not require an infringement of copyright (as may be the case for some movie costumes or uniforms), we will happily approve it while admiring your creativity. 

2. Choose your fabric

Linen, cotton, velvet, duvetyn, or the timeless check-design fabric. Make your pick, it’s entirely up to you which fabric we use. you decide which material you want.
Choose your fabric from our swatches.
To avoid confusion, please quote the number from the swatch, the letter and the colour name when specifying the material. You can choose your fabric type from our sampler. To avoid misunderstanding, use the reference number, letter and colour name used in our sampler when ordering a specific fabric type. 

If you don’t find what you need in our listed fabric types, you can always send the fabric to us, and we use your fabric to make your costume. Our customers often use this option when ordering a pair of wedding costumes. Our dressmaker will get in touch with you to specify the amount of fabric needed for the costume.

If you have your own buttons or fabric badges that you would like to have added to your costume, we will be happy to attach them to the final product. We will also be happy to attach bird feathers of your choice on the top of your hat, but we kindly ask you to supply the feathers to us, as we do not have the capacity to chase birds across the woods.

3. We will send you the quotation and let you know when the costume can be ready.

The price for a custom costume can vary. It always depends on the quantity and type of the material used, on the complexity of modifications, the type of stitching or various embroideries. We'll put our heads together and we'll let you know the price. There is no charge for colour changes or minor alterations, of course. 

We will always let you know the price and the expected delivery date of your customized costume. And finally, we will ask you to specify your measurement. For your as well as our convenience, feel free to fill in our measurements form.

4. Follow-up questions and refinement

Our dressmaker may have some additional questions during the production of your costume. They will contact you via email or phone.

5. Home delivery

When your costume is ready, we will deliver it to your doorstep, your workplace, or any other address of your choosing. We use PPL or DHL delivery services. You can check the shipping fees here.

If the costume does not fit, we will adjust it free of charge. However, bear in mind that for custom-made costumes, it is not possible to withdraw and return, as is the case for non-customized costumes bought from our store.  

If you have any further queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can write us an e-mail at We will usually reply to an email within 24 hours. 

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