Art Gladius
The company Art Gladius, S.A. was founded in 1986 in Toledo (Spain). Since then, the company has been designing and manufacturing swords, daggers and other historical replicas based on museum originals and their own original designs (fantasy). They produce historic replicas of the highest quality, mainly for decorative purposes. In their program, however, you will find some bladed weapons for practical use. All sword blades are made of polished stainless steel, the handles are characterized by elaborate details.

Their aim is to preserve the charm of artisanal small-scale production with the highest achievable quality. The guys at Art Gladius try to keep the Toledo spirit, the unique Genius Loci, alive in the form of admirable replicas and cool weapons.

Her products include European swords, daggers, Japanese swords, shields, figures of mounted knights, letter openers, but also armor parts. Their wide range of products changes slightly each year. We strive to keep our offer up to date. If you miss some of their beautiful replicas in our catalogue, feel free to contact us.

The high-quality replicas of Art Gladius are ideal to decorate your office or home. They fit as a gift for lovers of the Middle Ages and history in general and for anyone with a knightly heart!

Take a look at the high quality products of Art Gladius in our internet store.


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