Vervelles, brass pins for bascinet helmets, set of 12 pcs

With the help of the Vervelles aventaila can be attached to helmets like the bascinet. In the bottom of the helmet bowl have to be drillled holes (approx. Ø 5mm) in a uniform distance. The rivets are inserted from the outside into these holes in the helmet and riveted from inside. The rivet heads must remain outside. Each aventail has above a leather strip. It is necessary to punch holes into this leather strip. The distance between the holes have to match the spacing of the vervelles on the helmet. The leather is then placed over the outer rivet heads. Through the eyelets in the rivet heads a leather cord is pulled through and knotted at the ends. Thus the aventail is fixed to the helmet and may be later removed. More information...

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Vervelles, brass pins for bascinet helmets, set of 12 pcs

Pack of a dozen brass pins/rivets with staples, so called Vervelles. Perfect to equip your bascinet helmet with a chainmail aventail.

  • Included in delivery: 12 pieces
  • Quality hand cast from brass
  • Easy to rivet
  • Overall weight of 12 pcs approx. 66 g
  • Diameter of the rivet shank: approx. 4,8mm
  • Dimensions: approx. 19 x 8 x 8mm

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