Rivered mail aventail

An aventail is a flexible curtain of mail attached to the skull of a helmet that extends to cover the throat, neck and shoulders. This chain mail aventail is made of round rings with untreated finish and round rivet heads. Every single ring is riveted by hand. It is made in 4 in 1 pattern. The lower edge has a zig zag shape. This type of chain armour is called RRR (Round Ring Riveted). An approx. 4.5cm wide leather strap is sewn to the top of the aventail. You can attach the aventail to your helmet by means of it. Suitable helmet types are e.g. nasal helmets, bascinets and houndskulls. The only thing you have to do by yourself are the holes in the leather strap. More information...

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Rivered mail aventail, RRR

The aventail is large enough to cover the your shoulders. It has an authentic facial section. This coif has also a triangular ventail which can be folded down. The ventail is padded from inside, covered with leather and can be fixed with a leather lace. This kind of coif was common during the high medieval period, e.g. worn by Normans and Crusaders. It features an authentic jagged edge and a thick cowhide strap sewn to the top. The fixing holes are to be punched in the leather by the customer.


  • Inner ring diameter: approx. 8mm
  • Ring thickness: 1.2mm
  • Battle-ready
  • Length of the leather strap: approx. 52cm
  • The chain mail mesh is approx 24cm (9.5") long and cover the neck in front
  • Finish: untreated / natural (slightly oiled)
  • Weight: approx. 3,3 kg

This is a premium-quality product, made by ULFBERTH®.

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