Italian foil

The foil was invented in France as a training in order to practise fast and elegant thrust fencing. Fencers blunted the point by wrapping a foil around the blade or fastening a knob on the point ("blossom", French fleuret). In addition to practising, some fencers took away the protection and used the sharp foil for duels. More information...

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Italian foil, 17th century


  • 99cm - Total length
  • 80cm - Blade length from the tip to the bell guard
  • 11.5cm - length of the guard at the hilt
  • 11,5cm - diameter of bell guard
  • The blade has a rectangular cross section
  • The blade of spring steel DIN 1.7103 is forged and hardened
  • 11 * 6mm - Profile of the blade at the bell guard
  • 6 * 4mm - Profile of the blade 10cm from the tip
  • 6cm - POB
  • The blade tip is reinforced with a safety button
  • Total weight 540 g

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