Hand forged bangle Manannan

This original bangle comes from the workshop of the master blacksmith and jeweler in one person - Mr. David Meloun. He drew from Celtic mythology when designing this jewel. The bangle was given the name of the Celtic god of the seas. The symbolism of the unruly waves is reflected in irregular wavy patterns that arise from stainless steel during the elaborate manufacturing process (twisting and forging). The surface of the bangle is carefully polished, whereby the patterns shine up nicely in the sun.

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Hand forged bangle Manannan

One of the main features of this unique jewelry is its irregularity and asymmetry that imparts individuality and originality to each single piece.

Hand forged bangle Manannan is available only in a one size fits all that fits most ladies. Its diameter is about 60 mm. The subtle design corresponds to the low weight of about 7 g. The elasticity of the stainless steel and the circular ends allow an easy put on, not needing to without be afraid that the bangle slips from the wrist unintentionally.

Hand forged bangle Manannan is very stable. You can wear it 7 days a week, 365 days a year and do not have to worry about wear and tear!

Our customers often buy several pieces of this bangle. When wearing more bangles, an elegant accessory comes into being that creates a kind of sea scenery on the wrist. The ever-changing lines, curves and waves form various patterns. You will never be bored by this playful piece of jewelry.

Treat yourself to a unique bangle at a fair price!

Technical specifications

  • Diameter approx. 60 mm
  • Weight approx. 7 g
  • Top quality from the blacksmith David Meloun
  • Made of stainless steel ER316L | EN ISO 14343 (0.01 C, 0.4 Si, 1.6 Mn, Cr 18.5, 12.0 Ni, 2.5% Mo)

Stainless steel ER316L

This steel is also referred to as "surgical" or "Swedish" steel. It is popular among jewelry makers for its corrosion resistance, high solidity and oxidation resistance. It is even suitable for contact with food. Surgical tool and piercings and watches are manufactured from this stainless steel.

How to put on the hand forged bangle Manannan right?

The steel is relatively stiff, but can be formed with human power to some extent. Spread the ends of the bangle slightly so that it can be put on over the narrowest part at your wrist. Then you can press the bangle together to a smaller size that it pleasant for you. If you open the bangle too much, the deformation may be irreversible or it can even break. The utmost shape is approximately the shape of the capital letter "C". If you already see by the naked eye that the bangle is too small for your wrist, we recommend sending it back to us and we will refund its price to you.

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