Large Dark Ages Viking Shield Red-Black

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Large Dark Ages Viking Shield Red-Black

  • Overall diameter about 75cm
  • The shield umbo measures incl. the brim about 20cm in diameter
  • The shield umbo is made of approximately 2.0mm thick steel
  • The fittings are made of approx. 1.0mm thick steel
  • The plywood is about 12mm thick
  • The back of the shield has a solid wood handle with two continuous rivets riveted to the front umbo on the shield
  • The handle of approx. 31.6mm square timber is turned to a diameter of approx. 29.5mm
  • The shield umbo is riveted with 6 rivets
  • Weight approx. 4712 g

A round shield may not protect the thighs and shins as well as the kite shield of the early middle ages, but it is certainly more manoeuvrable. The long kite shield may be ideal for a shield wall, but in a duel a round shield affords advantages to skilled warrior. A fighter who knows how to use his shield offensively can use it to deny entire angles of attack to the foe, or even use it to strike him - particularly with the rim of the shield when held outward. These tactics would not be useful with the more cumbersome kite shield. While Vikings certainly utilized shield wall tactics, much of their conflict was outside of set piece battles and more in the realm of skirmishes, raids and even judicial duels. For the latter of these circumstances the large round shield with a center-grip is an ideal defensive and offensive weapon.

Please Note: It is common for this item to come with minor scuffs and scratches on its finish - representative examples of this can be seen in the photographs

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