61cm Fenrir Round Wooden Shield with 1.5mm steel Umbo

Scare away your foes while you strike your axe against this House of Warfare masterpiece! Build the shield wall strong enough for the enemies to crash on collision, making it no less than a car-pole crash! This shield is fully functional and is ideal for re-enactment or real-life battle situations, which means it is easily manoeuvrable to bring your rivals down in the blink of an eye! More information...

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61cm Fenrir Round Wooden Shield with 1.5mm steel Umbo

Handcrafted from sturdy wood and reinforced mild steel fittings (1,5mm thick umbo), this shield can be the best, functional add-on to your trusted weaponry. The wooden reinforced handle right behind the umbo gives a better impact while you thrust your opponent down. So looking for classic Viking gear, try this outstanding wooden shield!

This wooden Fenrir Viking shield measures 24 inches in diameter and features studded iron details.

To the Vikings, shields were more than just a piece of equipment used in battle. They were also an important part of their spiritual beliefs. In Norse mythology, shields were associated with the god Tyr, who was the patron deity of warriors.

Tyr was said to have sacrificed his right hand in order to bind the Fenris Wolf, and his symbol was often carved onto Viking shields. In addition to being a symbol of courage and strength, shields also represented protection from harm.

They were believed to possess magical properties that could deflect enemy weapons and safeguard the bearer from harm. As such, shields played a vital role in the spiritual beliefs of the Vikings.

High quality product of the brand House of Warfare.

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