Leather Sandals

Do you need leather sandals in historical style? So you are at the right place! Our leather sandals are inspired by ancient times, they are made in high-quality, with a love for the craft. The sandals are especially important in warm weather during various historical events, festivals and other occasions.

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Leather Sandals

The word “sandal” is derived from the Greek word “sandalon”. Leather sandals are a type of shoes that is consisted of sole attached with leather straps to the instep, heel or ankle. The oldest known shoe is just a sandal. It was made from sagebrush bark, and its age is estimated at 10,000 years old. They were found on the territory of today’s Oregon. Also sandals from the ancient Egypt were found. Especially important persons were worn them there. Their sandals were made from palm-leaves and papyrus.

Also ancient Greeks wore sandals. The Greek god Hermes is often pictured with sandals. The sandals fell from grace during the boom of Christianity. These shoes were termed as undesirable, because it showed a woman's feet too naked.

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