Wooden Arrow Hektor 29"

Medieval-style arrow with a waxed shaft. The stated price is just for one piece arrow. More information...

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, dispatch on 26-Feb-2024
Item number: 8471

Wooden Arrow Hektor 29"

  • with selfnock
  • 3 X natural fletching - cut - white/brown/brown
  • double winding
  • with history point
  • overall length approx. 790mm
  • Diameter of the shaft approx. 8,8mm
  • The stated price is for one piece complete arrow

If the target is made of suitable materials, the arrow is slowed down and stopped without damaging it. In that case the arrow will serve you well for a long time. Consider buying a suitable archery target. If the arrow hits wood, stone or other unsuitable materials, it gets usually damaged, which can't be claimed as a product flaw.


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