Wooden Arrow Standard

We offer this high class and handmade arrow in 4 different versions. You choose personally the version of arrow according to your personal wishes. Thus you will always be able to enjoy your own arrow and furthermore and extraordinary flight. The arrows are tagged with right-wound natural feathers that are blanked in our own arrow fabrication. The feathers and the nocks on the photos can differ from the products concerning colour and form. We only use 1a-shafts of an excellent quality for these arrows. Of course they are manually spined. More information...

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Arrow length: 30"
21 arrow(s)
21 arrow(s)
Arrow length: 31"
16 arrow(s)
16 arrow(s)
Arrow length: 32"
3 arrow(s)
3 arrow(s)
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Wooden Arrow Standard

  • 3 x Unicoloured Feathers
  • The diametre is, depending on the respective version, 11/32.
  • The arrowheads are 3D brass screw tips "made in Germany". The shape and color of the tips may vary.

The natural feathers are shown in the picture, as well as the nocks, may differ in color and shape from the picture.


If the target is made of suitable materials, the arrow is slowed down and stopped without damaging it. In that case the arrow will serve you well for a long time. Consider buying a suitable archery target. If the arrow hits wood, stone or other unsuitable materials, it gets usually damaged, which can't be claimed as a product flaw.

Have a good time with this extraordinary arrow!

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