Hybrid bow Aponi

Aponi was the first hybrid bow made by archery Beier. What characterizes such a hybrid bow? It is a combination of recurve and longbow. Because of the small middle part of the longbow, there is a lightness of the longbow and based on the strong reflections of limbs the speed of the recurve bow. Such a hybrid bow shows even with a lower draw weight to high arrow speed and it inspired with its ergonomic pull-out behaviour. More information...

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Hybrid bow Aponi


Aponi with 35 lbs and an arrow weight of 285 grains reaches a remarkable arrow speed of 180 feet / sec.

Such a bow makes fun and of course hybrid bow Aponi is made in our own production by archery Beier - Made in Germany.

  • This bow is available with a length of 58 inch, left-and right-handed version.
  • The drawing weights start at 15 lbs and go in steps of 5 to 45 lbs.

Equipped is the Aponi with a complimentary pistol grip made of ash with perceptible early and late wood that is The limbs are strong deflex / reflex which ensures high arrow speeds. The core laminate is made from carbonized bamboo that is light and flexible and has great throwing properties.

  • Plane tree decorates the limbs under its clear glass laminate.
  • The tips are covered with walnut micarta, which makes the bow suitable for Fast Flight.
  • The recommended standing height is 7 - to 7 ½ inches.
  • Maximum drawing length: 30 inches.

We also recommend purchasing a tether cord to this particular bow, so as not to damage the Aponi during tensioning and relaxing.

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