Royal Longbow Ebony

Ebony is a royal longbow: Crowned by its incredible power, the uncompromising throwing power, the smooth ergonomics and the royal material selection. All this makes Ebony to a king under the longbows. More information...

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Royal Longbow Ebony

The middle part of our majestic longbow consists of black ebony, combined with extra hard maple garnish strip.

The eye-catcher at this longbow is the white ebony, it is used for top layer laminate. The strong and wild wood grain makes white ebony unique; it only occurs in Cambodia and is the most valuable wood in the world. A perfect combination we have realized with this longbow Ebony: the black and white ebony with the brightly worked maple in the middle part - breathtakingly beautiful!

Material combination of the longbow Ebony makes it to an absolute wish bow, even for the most demanding archer.

Bamboo is glued in the core laminate of our top-model Ebony, on the top there is the breathtakingly beautiful white ebony.

This bow is without exception suitable for Fast Flight and is delivered with a whisper string.

Technical Data –Longbow Ebony:

  • Bow length: 68 inch
  • Middle part: black ebony with maple
  • Front overlay made of lumbers
  • Grip: locator grip
  • Limbs: core laminate: bamboo
  • Top laminate: wild white ebony
  • Version: right or left hander
  • Draw weights: 20 to 60 lbs +- 2lbs
  • Standing height: 7 to 7.5 inch
  • Maximum draw length: 32,5 inch
  • String: Fast Flight / Spectra
  • net weight ca. 800 grams

The true royal longbow Ebony is made according to the rules of the traditional longbow architecture in careful handwork by experienced bow makers. It is an outstanding example of what is possible in the traditional bow construction. This longbow is professionally built in bow construction by Archery Beier with the label By Beier Germany, the brand for demanding archers. Bogensport Beier - this is a place where archers meet each other.

This Longbow Ebony belongs to the series „Bows for Generation“ with 30 years warranty + 70 years goodwill, there is no other bow manufacturer who guarantees this.

We produce our bows without exception at our location in Untersiemau - Made in Germany is an important concern for us! Thought-proof materials and quality-conscious processes combined with craftsmanship are our guaranties for extraordinary bows.

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