Longbow Ishi, 68

With this Longbow "Ishi"we pay tribute to the man who has set the headstone for the comeback of archery. Ishi was born in 1860 and died in San Francisco in March the 25th of 1916, as the last Yahi, a branch of the Yana-people in North California. After he was found together with his mother, Dr. Saxton Pope has accommodated him and cared for him. Ishis´ mother, however, died comparatively early. After his recovery, Ishi taught Saxton Pope and his friend Art Young how to construct bows, how to shoot with them and beside that how to hunt with them. Due to Dr. Saxton Pope´s memorandum of his experiences this story is still published today. More information...

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Longbow Ishi, 68"

Longbow Ishi:

  • Draw weight: 20 - 40 lbs.
  • Center part: ash
  • Limbs: ash covered clear glass
  • String made of Dacron
  • Brace height: 6 3/4 inches
  • Made in Germany

Long bow for left and right handers, for shooting over the back of the hand. The draw weight of the bow is indicated on the back of the lower limb, so that the lower limb of the bow can be clearly recognised.

We recommend you to buy a bow stringer "Universal", to avoid damages while stringing and unstringing your bow.

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