Unique Hunter Recurve Black Pearl

Here we have spared no cost or effort and only used the best of materials used in the traditional bow manufacture. You have to look a long time to find something similar like the Hunting Recurve Black Pearl. An excellent performance, the fantastic throwing performance and the ergonomic pull-out behaviour of course can be expected from this first-class Hunting Recurve, material of this bow is unique. More information...

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Unique Hunter Recurve Black Pearl

The High End Hunting Recurve by Archery Beier - the Black Pearl is a bow of top class in every respect!

Simple unique – Hunter Recurve Black Pearl

We found a unique combination.

The middle part of our jewellery is made of stabilized grain ash, this exceptional wood makes every bow unique. Here, of course, there are colour nuances from anthracite to black, influenced by the ability of the wood to absorb the colour, which makes the whole thing too attractive.

The stabilization of the middle part also benefits the bow:

  • Absolutely shooting rest
  • High arrow speeds

The core laminate of this unique Hunting Recurve is made of bamboo to give the Hunting Recurve a soft pull-out. For the top laminate we used white ebony, which is one of the most expensive woods - this design you have to see, the Black Pearl is one of the most beautiful bow ever built. Please note that the materials always have different grains. One bow is never the same as another. The limbs are sometimes used in white ebony with the typical light-coloured sapwood.

Black Pearl – a pearl under the Hunting Recurve - the masterpiece!

This unique Hunting Recurve Black Pearl is suitable for Fast Flight Strings.

Technical Data – Hunter Recurve Black Pearl

  • Bow length: 60 inch
  • Middle part: stabilized grain precious woods
  • Front overlay made of timber
  • Grip: pistol grip
  • Limbs core laminate: bamboo
  • Top laminate: white ebony
  • Version: right or left hander
  • Draw weight: 20 - 55 lbs +-2 lbs
  • Standing height: 8,25 – 8,75 inch
  • Maximum draw length: 31 inch
  • String: Fast Flight

The unique Hunting Recurve Black Pearl represents bow manufacture in perfection. It is created by hand in the manufactory by Archery Beier.

The unique Hunting Recurve Black Pearl belongs to the series „Bows for Generation“ with 30 years warranty + 70 years goodwill, there is no other bow manufacturer who guarantees this.

We produce our bows without exception at our location in Untersiemau - Made in Germany is an important concern for us! Thought-proof materials and quality-conscious processes combined with craftsmanship are our guaranties for extraordinary bows.

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