John Lee Hannya Katana

The Hannya mask descends from the japanese theater Nôh and is regarded as the best-known mask ever. It represents a woman that flew into a rage and turned into a demon. More information...

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John Lee Hannya Katana

Description of the John Lee Hannya Katana:

  • Blade without fuller (Bo - Hi), hand-forged of carbon steel 1095 that is not stainless
  • The blade was hardened in a traditional way, by use of clay. It has a real hamon line.
  • Habaki is of brass, the tsuba is cast
  • Traditional grip with genuine ray skin and cotton strip wrapping.
  • The blade is fixated in the grip with two wooden pegs (Mekugi)
  • This sword is designed for practical use.
  • Blade made of 1095 carbon steel differentiated hardened with genuine Hamon line (approx. 60° Rockwell at the cutting edge, approx. 40 ° Rockwell at the blade back)
  • Shinogi-Zukuri-style blade without fuller (Bo-Hi)
  • Black cotton handle wrap in classic hineri-maki style
  • Black matt lacquered scabbard with shiny black lacquer speckles (Kuroshime-style)
  • Delivery in an attractive collector box
  • Hardness of the blade edge approx. 60° HRC
  • Hardness of the blade back approx. 45-50° HRC
  • The blade edge is very sharp!

Specifications of the John Lee Hannya Katana:

  • Blade length up to tsuba: 75cm
  • Overall length of the sword: 108cm
  • Overall length of the sword incl. scabbard:  110cm
  • Grip length: 32cm
  • Curvature (Sori): 2 cm
  • Width of the blade at Habaki: 3,2cm
  • Width of the blade at  Kisaki: 2,3cm
  • Weight with scabbard: 1440g
  • Weight without scabbard: 1220 g

The protective wooden case, in which is the product packaged, comes free of charge.

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