Gauntlets Galahad

The Gauntlets Galahad weight with the plate thickness of 1.5mm approx. 2050 gramms. They are individually hammered by hand from the selected material. They are manufactured in the Czech Republic. This is not a cheap import from Asia. More information...

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Gauntlets Galahad

These gauntlets Galahad can be made:

  1. in sizes according to this size chart
  2. exactly to the outline of your hand. Please see the data „2j“ in our measurement chart for historical armor.

Wearing gauntlets on bare hands is uncomfortable and it can also lead to injuries. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you protect your hands with (padded) leather gloves. Most gauntlets are equipped with a series of leather loops inside. Fingers and palms of the leather gloves are to be pulled through these loops. Leather is a material that first wears. This system allows easy replacement of worn out leather gloves. If desired, we build leather gloves into the gauntlets, so that they cannot be removed. In this case, please order an extra pair of leather gloves and note your request in the note to your order. Please note, that is already a custom-made order and such gloves cannot be returned within 14 days.

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