Hourglass Gauntlets 1350-1415


Hourglass Gauntlets of the middle XIV. century tended to have short cuffs and no joints to allow a free movement of the wrist of a hourglass shape, as in the case of this model. More information...

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Hourglass Gauntlets 1350-1415

A weapon master of the fifteenth century said that the hands are capable of an elusive way of defense. Yuu can defend yourself in a duel but in the turmoil on the battle field where blows can come from any direction, your hands could be wounded badly. That is why the Hourglass Gauntlets are considered for a indispensable outfit both recreational fencing and public battles.


  • These gauntlets are made from rusting steel plate plate with gauge of approx. 1,6mm
  • Leather gauntlets are in black
  • L size: up to a 9 glove size (up to 23,5cm - 26cm)
  • XL size: 10 to 11 glove size (26-28,5cm up to 31cm)
19-Jan 2022
Jiří Čásek
verified review
Krasne sedi, dobra pohyblivost za tu cenu luxus
16-Jul 2020
Nick ehoodin
verified review
Love love them sturdy, comfortable and accurate. Only con is when I grip my sword the side of the gauntlet digs into the grip of the leather sword handle and tears into it. A little grinding should fix it right up. But other then thay they are well build and strong as a tank
11-Jan 2017
Jörg Maetzing
verified review

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