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Rudolf Krutský

Rudolf Krutský a jeho dílna

Skilful hands of a metal worker - replicas of old weapons are made near Kadaň!

In Tušimice near Kadaň there is a locksmith workshop and smithy managed by Rudolf Krutský (pictured second from the left). He was born on October 5th, 1979 and lives with his family in Březno near Chomutov. He learned locksmith and has been working in the craft since 1998. He worked his way up to blacksmithing as a autodidact.

Dull faces and calluses on the hands

The honest work of a blacksmith is one of the few things that automated machine production cannot currently replace. Skilful and strong hands are essential for the production of high-quality forged products. Finished products from his workshop are particularly popular among fans of historical re-enactment and fencing associations.

"I was fascinated by the endless variety of work and enjoyed my work-up. I was doing stereotypical work in a large factory for 2 years and found that such work is nothing for me ..."

The love for swords does not rust

During his apprenticeship he worked as an intern in the Kovex ARS workshop, where he learned a lot from the armourer Mr. Baxa. At first he only sharpened blades there, drove with their mobile smithy to historical city festivals, until working with steel became his passion. Blacksmithing fascinated him with its diversity and multidisciplinarity. After gaining enough experience, he started his own business.

He and his father set up their first workshop in the garage near his family home. Today he employs other skilful “pairs of hands” in his 600m2 workshop. There are friendly relationships in his workshop. Although none of his employees didn't learn the right craft, he couldn't be more satisfied with their work. Among his colleagues you can find a bricklayer, a plumber and an electrician. This is exactly what suits the right equipment of a successful workshop: multidisciplinarity and ingenuity.

His wife works in the workshop too. She is trained as an upholsterer. She helps in the manufacture of leather products and thanks to her fine-art-talent also participates in etching and engraving of metals.

The cobbler's children go barefoot…

He has made countless swords, armors, shields, etc. over the years, but not a single piece or suit is exhibited at his home. For example, Rudolf made armor for the Norwegian National Theater (performance Joan of Arc).

"I like to study the work of others. I like to be inspired by them and try to make it even better. You learn something new with every piece."

The workshop is a second home for Rudolf Krutský. He used to spend his free time at the pond with a fishing rod in hand. Today his hobby is work in the workshop. His products are often praised by Outfit4Events customers for their quality and workmanship.

With this small introduction, we would like to thank him for the many years of good and friendly cooperation. Keep going this way, Rudolf!

Periods: Sword Armor

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