Gauntlets Ermo

These fully movable finger gauntlets are hand-hammered from carbon steel. The individual parts are connected with riveted joints. The thumb plates are attached to the gloves with small hinges. The first finger joints are protected with pyramid-shaped plates. The edge of the sleeve is folded. The fingertips of leather gloves are sewn to the fingertips of the gauntlets. About the palm of leather gloves lead reinforcing leather straps. More information...

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Gauntlets Ermo

  • Delivery incl. inner leather gloves with lining made of linen and cotton
  • Available only in UNI-size (about 09/10)
  • Gauge of plate (material thickness): 1.5mm
  • Weiht approx. 2300 g

Note: the color of the inner gloves may vary

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