Scale Skirt, Gauge 20

This scale skirt provides protection for the thighs and knees and is a fitting complement to the scale armor and scale pauldrons. The combination of these armor parts provides comprehensive fighter´s protection. The armor is constructed in such a way that the metal scales are riveted to the underlying solid cowhide with two rivets each. The scale skirt comes with a high-quality leather belt. More information...

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Scale Skirt

Dimensions of one part (half) of the scale skirt

  1. Total length 54.5cm
  2. Width at top 31cm
  3. Width at the bottom edge 38cm
  • The weight of the entire scale skirt is 4100 g
  • Leather thickness 1.45mm
  • Steel sheet thickness approx. 1mm (gauge 20)
  • Size of one scale approx. 6 x 4cm
  • Delivery includes a leather belt with a length of approx. 160cm
  • Holes are cut into the belt for a waist size of approx. 110 - 150cm

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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