Milanese leg harness Avant, about 1440

This leg armour consists of cuisses (thigh plates) and poleyns (knee guards). Greaves (shin plates) are not included. The finish of the Avant legs is polished. More information...

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Milanese leg harness Avant, about 1440

  • It is made from 1,6mm carbon steel (gauge 16), the actual gauge of plate may vary due to the handcrafted way of production.
  • Made by Marshal Historical

Avant is one of the oldest near-complete armours in the world, dating from about 1440. It is in remarkably good condition remaining in the castle armoury of a noble family in the Alps until being bought by an American media tycoon in the early 20th century. It is often referred to as the Avant armour as this word – meaning ‘Forward!’ – is inscribed on the edges of the breastplate. The armour was made in the renowned armour-making city of Milan. Armours made by its craftsmen were greatly sought after by wealthy warriors all across Europe.


  • Length of the thigh plate approx. 43cm
  • Length of the lower knee plate approx. 11cm
  • Overall length approx. 54cm
  • Straps in back part
    1 – strap under knee – circumference from 40 to 50cm
    2 – strap over knee – circumference from 40 to 50cm
    3 – strap under knee – circumference from 46 to 60cm

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