Lamilar Skirt, Lamellar Tasset Plates Set


This Lamilar Skirt or Set of Lamellar Tasset Plates are an excellent complement to the lamellar cuirass or lamellar armor and create a more comprehensive protection for the fighter. Like the cuirass, these tassets consist of many lamellas (steel plates) about 1mm thick, which are tied together with a solid leather cord. The armor is lined with thick suede around the edge, which gives it a pleasing appearance and protects the warrior's other clothing from abrasion and possible accidental injuries at the edge of the lamellae. More information...

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Lamilar Skirt, Lamellar Tasset Plates Set

Dimensions of one part of the lamellar skirt

  • Width 40cm
  • Length 29.5cm
  • Leather thickness 2.6mm

Each Lamellar Tasset is hung with three leather loops on a belt that fits a belt with a maximum width of 7cm

  • The total weight of the Lamilar Skirt is approx. 3580 g
  • Steel sheet thickness 1mm (gauge 20)
  • No belt included

The halves of the lamilar skirt are hung on a belt with three wide leather loops. If you want to avoid the tassets sliding when you move, you can rivet them tightly to the belt. 

Please note: The lamilar skirt is heavily oiled at the factory. Before use, it is good to clean it from oil, e.g. with paper towels. After unpacking, you can find oxidation spots on the plates / lamellae. These can be removed with cleaning rubber or a wire brush. When cleaning, be careful not to damage the leather strap that holds the individual lamellae together.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

5-May 2023
Daniil Kudrjavcev
verified review
The product arrived rusty.

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