Medieval Leg Armor


The complete gothic-style leg harness consists of cuisses (thigh protection), poleyns (knee protection), graves (shin protection) and solerets (foot protection). The delivery includes two legs (left and right). More information...

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Medieval Leg Armor, gothic plate leg harness

Leg armor specifications

  • Fluted edges
  • hand-hammered
  • made of carbon-steel plate (not stainless)
  • fully functional, for re-enactment and combat use
  • finish and gauge of plate according to your choice (see above)

This armour part "Complete Leg Armor, gothic plate leg harness" will be made to measure to your exact size. To submit us your measurements, please use the following measurement chart.

23-Feb 2018
Charles Connor
verified review
I quite like this leg harness set. This set includes straps/loops at the top of the cuisses that you can use to connect it to a belt (which to not seem to be depicted in the photo). I highly recommend doing so. One of the things I like most about the set is the pieces are detachable. The cuisses and poleyns are a single piece, but the greaves and sabatons are each separate and detachable. No part of the armor impedes the range of motion or flexion of your knee. It is fully possible to kneel, if necessary, while wearing this harness. My only major issue is that during a practice for a stage combat show, two of the plates in the right poleyn got caught on each other and popped open a gap the next time I flexed my knee. I hadn't had them for very long so it seemed odd that I would be having mechanical difficulties with them so soon. I was able to get the plates unstuck with some effort and have since found out that similar issues are common to poleyns in general; so my experience might not actually be a reflection on the quality of the poleyn articulation. Overall, looks great and generally performs well.

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