Viking/Russ Blackened Lamellar Scale Skirt

Your round Viking shield will not be the only thing that protects you. This stunning lamellar skirt will do so too! It is painstakingly HANDCRAFTED from hundreds of overlapping blackened steel plates with Brass plates carefully arranged in a row at the centre. Just give it a try, and you will immediately know why it was so popular back then! More information...

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Viking/Russ Blackened Lamellar Scale Skirt

The 20 gauge plates (0.8mm) are bound together with thick GENUINE leather backing and fitted to a robust, genuine leather frame that supports a sturdy structure. Just pass a gorgeous Viking leather belt (available separately) through its loops and you will be offered the protection, every warrior deserves! It is approx. 39.5cm (not including belt loops) in length and approx. 29cm in width.

Please note: The lamilar skirt is heavily oiled at the factory. Before use, it is good to clean it from oil, e.g. with paper towels. After unpacking, you can find oxidation spots on the plates / lamellae. These can be removed with cleaning rubber or a wire brush. When cleaning, be careful not to damage the leather strap that holds the individual lamellae together.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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