Cuirassier armour with lobster-tailed pot helmet, 17 cen

The armour is consist of a Lobster-tailed pot helmet with five-barred-face-guard, seven- plate-neck  guard, breastplate, back plate, gorget, thigh-long tassets, six-plate pauldrons with front and rear wings, closed rerebraces with heart-shaped elbow cops, vambraces a finger gauntlets. A heart is engraved on the breastplate. The back plate is reinforced in the centre with a notched backbone rod.  More information...

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Cuirassier armour with lobster-tailed pot helmet, 1st Half of the 17th century

According to historical sources, this armor belonged to Theodore Russinger, a bailiff (am. Marshal) in Locarno.

The rivets and strap fittings are made of brass. All the resting parts of the armour entirely hand-hammered of carbon steel sheet according to DIN50049, approx. 1,5mm thick.

This Cuirassier armour with lobster-tailed pot helmet will be made to measure to your exact size. To submit us your measurements, please use the following measurement chart.

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