Armor stand with ball joints


You have a beautiful armor, and it lies somewhere in the closet or in a chest? You would like to delight yourself with it, but somehow don´t want to laboriously unpack and put together all its parts because of a few moments. In that case you'll need an armor stand! More information...

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Armor stand with ball joints

You probably have a stand, but it bothers you that your armor hangs stooped on it and that you can´t arrange its posture more attractively. You want to spread out the arms or put together to support a weapon. For all of these cases is here our armor stand! Not only its height is adjustable, his arms can be adjusted as well by means of six ball joints.
The standard size of the armor stand is made to fit in an armour for a 180cm high of sport build. Exact measurements shows one of the displayed photos.

If you need a different size, please download the photo and write into it the desired measurements. In such cases we require to pay in advance.

Description of the armor stand with ball joints:

  • made of iron square tube with 20 and 15mm side
  • the ball joints contain steel balls of 14mm diameter
  • the holes in the square tube are closed with plastic caps
  • hand-made connections with plastic taps
  • All metal parts are painted black
  • The wooden base is stained brown
  • the arms include 6 adjustable ball joints
  • 6 height-adjustable links
  • the hand stumps with three fingers are meant to hold the gauntlets
  • Approx. weight 7,96 kg

You will get the armor stand disassembled, all parts are wrapped separately in plastic wrap.

22-Jun 2022
Helmut Vajc
verified review
[7372] Dear Justin Peeples, if you are missing some bolts or screws, just let me know which exactly and we will send you new ones. They must have been lost during transport. Any construction improvement is welcome too, so that you can be fully happy with this armour stand. In such case I would ask you of a drawing that we could pass onto the workshop. Thank you very much for your kind cooperation!
8-Apr 2022
Justin Peeples
verified review
Does not come with bolts or screws as seen for the base. Might of been missing from my package. If it was just missing I'll update my review. Two major issues I found is to get to 6ft you have to push the limit of the connection which makes it very unstable in the torso. The bolts in the joints are friction based and do not screw into holes inside the metal bars that adjust to lock everything into place. Since the joints and height are friction based it can not handle real 15th century full plate armor and you'll need to modify this stand if you want the torso to remain in place/secured at the height you want. Otherwise, with a lighter earlier period harness and being shorter than 5'10 you will love this stand.
26-Jan 2019
Erwin Evegaars
verified review
Ordered from North America. It's exactly what I needed for my armor to be shown in all it's glory. Good quality and arrived without any issue or loss in quality. Thank you to the outfit4events team for being so fast in helping me with any questions.

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