Foot guard armour, 16th century

This is an original replica of a foot guard armour consists of a helmet (morion cabasset), gorget, cuirass, pauldrons, rerebraces, elbow cops, cannons and tassets. More information...

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Foot guard armour, 16th century

It is completely hand made from 1,5mm thick cold rolled steel plate (rusting). It is made in the EU (not imported from Asia).

Morion Cabasset: including chin strap covered with metal plates
leather inlay, so that it can be adjusted to the size, and a chin strap.
plume holder at the back of the helmet or request possible

Gorget: The gorget is attached to the cuirass and pauldrons with belts.

Cuirass: goose belly with a brim to attach the tassets.

Pauldrons are attached to the cuirass at the shoulder. The pauldrons are rounded at the breast and back. The part that covers breast & back consists of three plates. Shoulder plates decorated with hand-*beaten spirals.

Rerebraces: the pauldrons meet the rerebraces, which is a armour part that covers the arm from the elbow cop to the pauldron. The rerebraces are a separate part of the armour and are attached to the pauldrons using pins. On the upper rim, the each rerebrace have a leather flap with three holes in it to attach them to the soldier clothing.

Elbow cops: The elbow cops consist of two parts, the part that covers the elbow joint and the part the covers the sides and elbow pit. Across the middle, there is a folded rim, just as seen in the rest of the armour.

Cannons: The cannons consist of two pieces that can be opened before putting onto the lower arm.

Tassets: The tassets cover the upper leg. They consist of two plates over the belly and nine plates each to cover each leg. The segments are straight. The inner sides are curved.

This "Foot guard armour, 16th century" will be made to measure to your exact size. To submit us your measurements, please use the following measurement chart.

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