Trooper Armor, 16th Century

This trooper (cavalry) armour consist of a closed helmet and a half armour. Both the cuirass and the tassets have folded rims. The tassets have the rims at both sides.

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Trooper Armor, 16th Century


The closed helmet is an armet with turnable neck that is connected to the collar. The visor and bevor facial part of the helmet has a quite sophisticated locking system. The armet consists of four parts: the helmet bowl, the upper visor, the bevor and the lower visor. The upper visor contains the eye slits and has a triangular brim, which closes the lower visor. The lower visor has breathing slits at its right side.


The gorget is attached to the cuirass and the pauldrons with hooks. Between the closed helmet and the gorget, there is no space left.


The cuirass has a decorated rim at the arm holes, the neck hole and the lower rim. The cuirass consists of a breast and back plate, which are closed at the shoulders and just above the hips. The breast plate is goose bellied, but rather rounded. Under the goose belly, the breast plate has a brim to attach the tassets to. It is rounded at the crotch.


The pauldrons have a quite simple design. It consists of three segments covering the shoulder, breast and back. There is an extra triangle to protect the arm pit. The part of the pauldrons that covers the upper arm consists of five segments. The pauldrons are attached to the cuirass at the shoulder with a belt and are attached to the rerebraces with a pin construction.


The rerebraces cover the arm from pauldrons to elbow cops. They leave the elbow pit itself open, to allow movement.

Elbow cops

The elbow cops are quite simple and are unadorned.


The cannons consist of two pieces and are unadorned.


The tassets are attached to the cuirass with three belts each. They consist of 13 plates (excluding knee cops), which are fastened to each other with pins. They have no decoration.

Knee cops

The knee cops consist of three plates: the upper leg guard (the biggest segment), a middle plate and the knee cop itself. They are attached to the tassets with a hook construction. The knee cops are not entirely rounded, but are curved into a central rib.

Specifications of the Trooper Armor, 16th Century

  • hand-made in the EU (no import from Asia)
  • made from the cold-rolled iron plate DIN 50 049 (not stainless)
  • gauge of plate: 16 (1,5mm)
  • weight approx. 25 kg

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3.4.2014 19:11

Shilo WIlson

Excuse me, I believe that is not an armet helmet. An armet consists of a one piece skull and two articulated cheek plates that lock at the chin, then the visor goes over that. In the picture, it is showing what is called a close helmet, not an armet. A close helmet consists of a larger skull piece and a bevor, that would lock in the center of the side of the head, and this particular visor is a greenwich style. I don't mean to get on my soap box, but I thought I should let you know to fix the terminology.

1 react

21.5.2016 11:01

Hyeong-joon, Park

REAKCE NA 1 (Shilo WIlson): It is armet, but it is not like earlier forms like late medieval thing. It is such variables. They call it closed helmet or armet. And Armet is closed helmet. And not always needed bevor(or wrapper), because early 16th century helmets attached directly to the turnable gorget.

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