Viking lamellar armour made of steel, leather and brass


This lamellar armour consists of hundreds of overlapping, blackened lamellae made of mild steel. Approximately 1 mm thick lamellae are firmly laced together with leather straps and edged with leather on the outer edge. The front of the lamellar armour is decorated with a strip of brass lamellae. The back of the armour is laced with leather cords and straps that correspond to the results of the reconstruction of the originals. More information...

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Viking lamellar armour made of steel, leather and brass

The integrated shoulder plates are lined with leather to prevent chafing of the shoulders when worn. The shoulder plates are also laced to the body.

The lamellar armour is attached to the back with leather lacing. It is available in three sizes, which are shown in the table below and in the measurements on one of the additional photos. Due to its structure, it is flexible, easy to repair and relatively simple to make, as well as providing good protection for the warrior's upper body.

Note: The lamellar armour was carefully treated with a layer of oil to prevent corrosion before packing. The oil can be easily wiped off with paper towels or a cloth. The blackened surface of the slats is a preventative measure against rust, but cannot prevent it completely. Clean and dry the armour after each use and treat it again with a preservative oil (e.g. WD40). This will keep it looking like new for a long time!

The sizes vary slightly - so the measurements stated below are to be understood as approximations.

Size M L XL
Chest circumference 104cm 114cm 129,5cm
Length without shoulder armor 50cm 50cm 50,4cm
Weight 9200 g 9800 g 10300 g

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

1-Dec 2023
Ollie Loheit
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Tolle, sehr gut verarbeitete Rüstung. Bin sehr zufrieden! Sehr guter Kundenservice!

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