Viking Lamellar Scale Armour Visby

This lamellar armor consists of hundreds of segmented and interlocking iron plates, bound and laced together with a thick leather cord. The armor is edged with thick suede and the inside of the shoulders are lined with leather to prevent chafing against your quilt or clothing underneath. This armor is easy to don and easily adjusts to your size with double split sides and side lacing. Please note that the armor tassets (thigh plates) are available separately. More information...

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Viking Lamellar Scale Armour Visby

  • Lamellar armor to protect the warrior's upper body
  • Material: 20 gauge / 0.912mm mild steel

Note: It is common for this armor to have dried brownish oil around the edges. This can be cleaned with less effort, for example with a wire brush. It is important to ensure that the leather cords are not damaged by vigorous cleaning. This armor is considerably preserved with oil. This is done on purpose to prevent corrosion between the scales during transport. Please be aware that wearing this armor will likely soil your basic clothing.

One of the most appealing features of this lamellar armor is the provision of six pauldron plates (3 plates each shouler) for fixed attachment (the lamellar pauldrons are sold separately).

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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