Medieval half suit armor


The shoulder straps should be pulled through rectangular openings in the bevor from below, so that the pauldrons can be attached farther up, so that no gaps remain, as seen in our photos, where the pauldrons are attached incorrectly. More information...

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Medieval half suit armor

This medieval half suit armor will be made to measure to your exact size. To submit us your measurements, please use the following measurement chart. Standard version of the sallet includes inner textile liner or padding.

23-Feb 2018
Charles Connor
verified review
I really like this set. Everything in this set fits together very well and feels quite light. As per the product description, the pauldrons do attach higher than depicted in the photo. As big as the pauldrons look, they are extremely well articulated and don't restrict the upward range of motion in your shoulder as much as you might think. The rerebraces are fully enclosed and attached to the pauldrons and couters, but contain a rotating socket to help maintain range of motion for your elbow/forearm. Its not perfect, but its pretty solid. Something to keep in mind is, because of the way the couters are shaped (mostly the plate protecting the inside of your elbow), you will definitely not be able to bend your elbow much further than 75~80 degree angle. The gauntlets are just really nice finger gauntlets. I love the way they fit. They are difficult to maintain and care for, but that's just the nature of finger gauntlets. I only have two minor issues. One is that the pin latches that connect the breastplate and backplate at the shoulders don't seem to line up precisely. This just means that some strength is required to get both latches into place. The other issue is that the visor on the sallet helm looks like its held by a pin, but for the life of me I cannot muster enough strength to disengage the visor from the pin to lift it up. I would assume this is be by design except the bevor actually has a very easy to use spring latch to lower it off of your face. Those minor gripes aside, its a really excellent set and I highly recommend it.

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