Kappa Katana by John Lee

For kappa (in English "river child") refers to a mythical creature of Japanese mythology. It is a water goblin who people who come too close to its waters, tearing into the depths and drowned. According to legend, they should also have a weakness for pickles. The Kappa Katana is not suitable for cutting tests.

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Kappa Katana by John Lee

  • Sharp ground Damascus from 12 - fold folded 1045 carbon steel with more than 8,000 locations.
  • Sword in Shinogi zukuri style with inlaid fillet (Bo-Hi).
  • Handle wrapped in red cotton classic Hineri-maki style.
  • Black, high-gloss lacquered scabbard (Kuroro-style) made of wood.
  • Hadness odf the blade is 49-50 HRC
  • Long fishing, which is connected two bamboo pins (Mekugi) is fixed in the handle. The sword is thus fully dismantled.
  • It only high-quality, authentic materials are used, no plastic is used.
  • Blade collar (habaki) and washers (Seppa) are made of brass.
  • Authentic handle wrapped with real ray skin lining.
  • All trim rate (Tsuba, Fuchi, Menuki, Kashira) are handmade, made of metal.
  • Supplied with a protective cover made of fabric.

On his handcrafted decorative rates shows this exceptional katana a Kappa, and an unsuspecting hikers. Particularly emphasized in addition to the fine coloring is the groove, which begins about 10 cm above the tsuba.

  • Handle length 29 cm
  • Blade length 73 cm
  • Overall length (without sheath) 102.5 cm
  • Weight (without scabbard) 1120 g

Each Kappa Katana original John Lee sword comes with a seal and a certificate of origin.

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