Danish Hand Axe about 850


To the victims of the Vikings, they were all Danes. It didn't matter whether they came from Norway, Denmark or Sweden, they called them Danes. Most everyone is familiar with the larger Danish Axe, with the monstrous blade sometimes over a foot wide. But smaller axes were quite popular for all sorts of work, hewing the limbs of trees as well as the limbs of men. They could be thrown if needed, but were quite handy in close combat with or without a shield. Not only is this a fine replica, it is a fine axe in its own right. More information...

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Danish Hand Axe about 850

Please note: This is just an ornamental item, not intended for real use!

  • The Axe head is made of high carbon steel.
  • Shaft length approx. 538mm
  • The ax head is approx. 171mm long
  • The ax is jammed on the shaft and attached to it by pins (not secured with a wedge).
  • The ax is approx. 35.6mm thick over the eye/shaft
  • Length of the blade (toe to heel) approx. 125mm
  • Thickness of the axe blade (cheek) approximately 4.7mm
  • Thickness of the cutting edge approx. 1. 2mm
  • Weight approx. 858 g
  • The axe head is made of carbon steel 1065
  • The axe can be sharpened and used for chopping of wood e.g.

Even if this is a fully functional ax, it cannot be used in combat shows, historical reenactment or similar for safety reasons!

The ax is fully usable. However, it is not very sharp. You should still have the cutting edge sharpened. The guarantee of breakage does not apply to the wooden handle.

Specs may slightly vary from exemplar to exemplar.

Premium Quality, made by Marto / Windlass Steelcrafts®.

14-Jun 2018
Martin Ježek
verified review
Kvalitní sekera, po nabroušení velmi účinná. Pouze topůrko by mohlo být v úrovni držení o něco malinko tenčí, ale to je asi o zvyku ;)

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