One-handed work and battle ax of the Vikings

One-handed work and battle ax of the Vikings
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The ax was a basic tool for the Vikings in the workshop and on the farm, but could also be used as a backup weapon in combat. Their relatively small size made it a manoeuvrable close quarters weapon. If necessary, it could be thrown against the enemy. More information...

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One-handed work and battle ax of the Vikings

With a sufficiently powerful stroke, such an ax could severely damage the helmet, mail armor or the shield. The hardness and thickness of the steel axe head outperformed the materials used for the armor and shields of that time.

  • Length of the wooden handle about 58.5cm
  • The axe head is approx. 14.5cm long
  • Length of the ax along the cutting edge approx. 130mm
  • Thickness of the ax 1cm from the cutting approx. 5.1mm
  • The ax is not quite sharp, its cutting edge is approx. 0.5mm thick
  • Cross section of the handle end at the ax head 37.9 x 28.2
  • Cross section of the wooden handle at the grip approx. 31 x 21.6
  • Weight approx. 591 g

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