Viking Axe Handöx

The Viking Axe Handöx (Hand Axe) was a light and handy weapon with a long thin handle. The ax could be grasped directly at the blade so that the shaft could serve as a support stick. The blade edge was wider than that of the wood ax. The part at the other end of the ax head could be used as a hammer. More information...

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Edge: sharp (0,5-1,0 mm), not for HEMA!, Blade: decorated (engraved, etched), Steel: oil-quenched spring steel DIN 54SiCr6, approx. 54 HRC
1 pcs
1 pcs
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Viking Axe Handöx

  • Shaft length approx. 60cm
  • Axe head approx. 19x12cm
  • Shaft from hard wood
  • Weight approx. 900 g

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