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Viking Axe

A traditional Viking axe with hand-forged heavy axe-head made of high-quality carbon steel mounted on wood handle. The hardwood handle is wrapped around the entire length for a secure grip with a narrow leather strap. So that nothing is damaged during transport, this high-quality Viking axe comes with a custom-made sheath made of solid cowhide.

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Product No: 10345

Period: Vikings and Normans / Viking weapons

Viking Axe

  • Shaft length approx. 584 mm
  • The metal head is about 178 long
  • Length of cutting edge approx. 162 mm
  • Thickness of the ax cheek approx. 5.1 mm
  • Thickness of the cutting edge approx. 1.1 mm
  • The silver strip along the edge is about 9 mm wide
  • The eye measures about 34.5 mm in diameter
  • The cross-section of the wooden handle end at the ax is about 37.2 x 28 mm
  • The cross-section of the wooden handle at its know (lower end) is approx. 31.1 x 21.9 28 mm
  • The wooden handle has an ergonomic drop-shaped cross section with tip forward
  • The length of the leather winding on the handle is approx. 126 mm
  • The handle is criss-crossed with two leather straps about 4.1 mm wide and about 1.4 mm thick
  • The center of gravity (POB) is about 5.5 cm from the ax eye towards the grip
  • The leather case is made of high quality approx. 2 mm thick cowhide and is approx. 19 cm long and approx. 42 mm wide
  • The part of the leather case that adjoins the cutting edge consists of three layers of leather
  • Weight of the ax about 800 g
  • Weight of the leather case about 26 g
  • Delivery without scabbard

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®


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  • 1
    Zdeněk Valent

    Sekera mi drží moc dobře jen jednu výtku mam k tomu že je to svařené s více častí a to dost snižuje její kalitu provedení je při to m pěkné tak by to chtělo líp zabrousit

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  • 1
    Martin Svoboda

    Škoda, že to není celý výkovek, ale svařen ze 3 kusů a ještě amatérsky zabroušený:(.

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