Medieval Armor Cuirass 15th cen, 16g

The sumptuously illuminated French and English manuscripts of the fifteenth century depict it in use in every vicissitude of war or combat, by sea and land, on horse and foot, and testify how little it impeded the freedom of action of the wearer. They show that it was rarely concealed in campaigning by any textile garment. This Armour Comes In Steel thickness 1,5mm (16 gauge) More information...

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Medieval Armor Cuirass 15th cen, 16g

Plate armour reached the perfection of workmanship in the second half of the fifteenth century. At no period was it so light, yet impervious, with curves and angles so admirably directed to deflect the impact of sword or lance, and articulations so skilfully devised to mitigate the restraint on freedom of movement necessarily imposed by a sheathing of steel.

Never was armour so closely fitted to the contour of the body, and thus so elegant, so easily and therefore so constantly worn. This, the so-called "Gothic Armour," is the cynosure of collectors, and is so rarely to be obtained that a fairly imperfect cap-a-pie suit may command some 2000 pounds.

Available in sizes for the following mach chest girth (incl. arming jack) approx.:

  • M - 104cm
  • L - 114cm
  • XL - 127cm

Size XL

  • Total height approx. 54cm
  • Width across the chest approx. 40cm
  • Width at the waist 33cm
  • All edges hemmed from the inside
  • The three breast plates are riveted inside to three leather straps
  • Weight of the front plate approx. 4300 g
  • Weight of the back plate approx. 4230 g
  • The cuirass is closed with leather straps on the sides and girded with one long leather belt

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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