Irish Gallowglass warrior Helmet


The gallowglasses were a class of elite mercenary warriors who were principally members of the Norse-Gaelic clans of Scotland between the mid 13th century and late 16th century. As Scots, they were Gaels and shared a common background and language with the Irish, but as they were descendants of 10th century Norse settlers who had intermarried with the local population in western Scotland, the Irish called them Gall Gaeil ("foreign Gaels").  More information...

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Irish Gallowglass warrior Helmet

  • Made from 1,5 thick mild steel
  • Incl. textile liner and chin strap with iron buckle
  • Please select the requested size and finish

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The Gallowglass or ‘Galloglaigh’ is an Irish equivalent of the Samurai warrior. Their existence is an almost forgotten piece of Ireland’s history. Yet, in medieval Ireland, galloglaigh were indispensable. Every Norman war lord or Gaelic chieftain made sure to have his own well-trained, private galloglaigh army.

The galloglaigh were a group of highly-skilled mercenaries who settled all over Ireland after travelling from Scotland. They were Gaels’ like the native Irish and shared a common language and similar culture.

They were the potent result of the inter-breeding of Scottish Gaels with the Norse settlers who colonised the Scottish isles.

Galloglaigh Weaponry

In addition to their double-sided axes, they also liked to use massive double- handed swords, about five feet in length. These long swords were known as ‘Claymore’, derived from the Gaelic word ‘Claiomh Mor, which means ‘big sword’. The gallowglasses did not believe in doing anything in half measures!

Their weaponry also included small bows, long spears and lethal throwing darts for close quarter fighting targeting their enemies’ unprotected eyes, arteries or other vulnerable areas. They were ruthlessly efficient with them all. They also wore long chain-mail shirts and sometimes plate armour over quilted garments. They had their own distinctive dress code, sometimes having plate armour on just one of their arms. A gallowglass was usually accompanied into battle by two young assistants, one to carry his various weapons and the other to carry his food.

9-Apr 2022
Gallowglass from Youtube
verified review
This helm is based off of Albrecht Dürer's Irish Warriors art and its rather unique style for 16th century Irish armor. The metal construction is superb and feels battle ready. The back pieces articulate so you can lift your head. And the chin strap is very sturdy to keep the helm in place even through active combat. My only issue is that the padding inside was not glued on properly so my forehead was pressing against the metal. This will probably vary from piece to piece. I glued some camping pad foam along the inside of it and it works just fine.

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