Italo-Norman Helmet 16g with Leather Liner

At the end of the 11th century, most Norman knights still wore the tried and tested nasal helmet.  During the great Norman expansion, however, the Norman knightly elite came up against Mediterranean civilisations that used large numbers of archers in their armies. A simple narrow nasal was no longer sufficient to protect a rider's face from a dense hail of flying arrows. Better protection for the face was required. As a result, new helmet designs were created that offered better protection for the face. An example of this is this helmet in the Norman-Sicilian style. More information...

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Italo-Norman Helmet 16g with Leather Liner

At the height of their power the Normans conquered Sicily and turned it into a Norman state. But local Italian influences were also incorporated into the Sicilo-Normans who became more refined than their northern Cousins. The main weakness of the standard Norman helmet was that most of the face as well of the sides of the head were exposed. Something that the Muslim Horse Archers exploited to deadly effect during the Crusades. This saw the development of a face plate that eventually evolved to wrap around the entire head to become the medieval Great Helm.

  • Total height approx. 36 cm
  • Internal width from side to side approx. 18.5 cm
  • Inside diameter from the forehead to the back of the head approx. 22 cm
  • Material thickness of the face plate, as measured at the hemmed edge approx. 3.4 mm
  • Leather liner inside
  • The helmet is equipped with chin strap
  • 16 Gauge = 1.6 mm thick mild steel

A leather liner is provided and this can be adjusted so the helmet can comfortably fit most head shapes.

A padded arming cap should be worn with this helmet and for additional protection around the base of the neck and shoulders a maille standard (collar) can be worn over the arming cap.

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