Norman Nasal Helmets

Norman helmets and nasal helmets are the names given to a medieval type of helmet that emerged from the conical spangen helmets. The helmet form obtained in only a few original copies can be found in the 11./12. Century on numerous picture sources, but was still used until the end of the 13th century. The nasal helmet was an iron helmet of the early Middle Ages, which had a nose piece (nasal), which is sometimes increasingly wider to the lower end. The helmet bowl runs to a point, which increases the protective effect. From the 10th century, the Nasalhelm, in contrast to the multi-part Spangenhelm and two-piece grilled helm, increasingly only forged from a single iron plate. Under the nasal helmet, a hood made of chain mail coif was often worn as additional protection. The nasal helmet is also falsely known as the Norman Helmet, although it was used throughout Europe.

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Norman Nasal Helmets

The Norman Nasal Helmets is an iron helmet of the early Middle Ages with a nose piece (Nasal), which sometimes became wider towards the bottom. The helmet bell tapers to increase the protection. Unlike the multipart spangenhelm and two-piece bow helmet of the 10th century Nasalhelm was made only from a single iron plate. As protection, a hood made of chain mesh was often worn under the helmet. The nasal helmet is also known under the name Norman helmet, but was used throughout Europe.

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