Reflex bows

Do you pursue the archery? Or do you want to do it? Archery is especially relaxing movement activity. Reflex bows are traditional bows that have been used by American Indians, Turks and Mongols. Take a look at our large range of reflex bows. The materials and workmanship are of high quality.

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Reflex bows

Reflex bows were often a determinative factor on the battlefield. The fight with this type of bow was characteristic e.g. for American Indians or Turks. Short Turkish bows were pasted from several kinds of wood. These bows were decorated carefully and artistically.

Wild Mongols under the reign of Genghis Khan were next nation that excelled in fast invasions and fights on horseback. Mongols used a very effective tactic that introduced fear into the hearts of enemies. It was fast horse riding and perfect (even master) skill of shooting a bow during riding. Horse bows were very important for Mongols on the battlefield. Strict discipline was dominated in the Mongol army. This army was organized rigorously. Mongols were able to occupy more than half of Asia and part of Europe, thanks to its clever tactic.

Reflex bows are bows that have curved or curled arms that turn away from the archer throughout their length. When unstrung, the entire length of the bow curves forward from the belly (away from the archer), resembling a "C"; this differentiates a reflex bow from a recurve bow in which only the outer parts of the limbs turn away from the archer.