Norman Segmented Helmet with Nasal 6-12. cen.

Looking forward to portraying a Norman knight fighting for none other than the fierce William ‘the conqueror’? Then you will surely need to stay protected as you charge the Saxons of Harold! This sturdy Nasal helm will effortlessly do that for you! More information...

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Norman Segmented Helmet with Nasal 6-12. cen.

  • Material thickness mild steel 16 gauge / 1.519mm
  • The helmet has a leather lining

For centuries nasal helmet has been THE most popular helmet in most parts of Europe because of its versatility and good balance between protection and mobility. For example, it proved ubiquitous on the Bayeux tapestry representing the invasion of Saxon England by the Norman knights and footmen of William the conqueror. Speaking of whom, one specific incident at the Battle of Hastings, illustrated on the Bayeux tapestry, reveals how William the Conqueror had to lift his nasal helmet to show his troops that he was still alive after the rumour of his death had spread in his army.

This beautiful nasal helmet is HANDMADE from 16-gauge mild steel, lined with a comfortable and secure leather liner. A circumference of approximately 68cm makes it fit almost all head sizes. And a sturdy chin strap closed with a lovely buckle will help keep your helmet in place during all your battles.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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