Norman Nasal Riveted plate Helm with Aventail

The helmet bowl of this robust Norman helmet consists of riveted 1.5mm thick iron plates. The reinforcement of the bowl is made of 2.0mm thick steel. The aventail of un-riveted (butted) rings protect the back of the head and neck of the Norman warrior. The inside of the helmet is painted with black paint against corrosion. To give you a good fit, the helmet is equipped with a laced leather suspension liner. To hold the helmet on the head well, it is equipped with a chin strap with buckle cast of brass. More information...

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Norman Nasal Riveted plate Helm with Aventail

  • Inside diameter front-back approx. 22.5cm
  • Diameter from side to side approx. 19cm
  • Ring inner diameter of the chain mail aventail approx. 10mm
  • Butted rings, approx. 1.6mm thick
  • Thickness of the nasal approx. 3.2mm
  • Material thickness of the helmet bowl measured at the rim approx. 3.4mm
  • Material thickness of the clasps approx. 1.5mm
  • Total height of the helmet bowl approx. 18.5cm
  • Total height incl. aventail approx. 50cm
  • Weight approx. 3302 g

This helmet is for reenactment and theater/movie purposes acceptable, but not for buhur/full contact combats.

A high-quality product made by Lord Of Battles®

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