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Footwear measurement chart

Please measure over socks that you will wear in the shoes. It is best to use a cloth or a tailor measuring tape and it's easier if you have someone assist you. The measuring tape should be snug to the foot, but do not draw it too tight.

Length in cm How to take measure what to measure
7A Circumference over the ankle joint
7B Circumference over the bend (high instep) and heel
7C Circumference over the bend (high instep) and sole
7D Circumference over the low instep and sole
7E Circumference over the first MP joints.
7F Outline of your foot on a sheet of paper. Please draw into the outline its dimensions - overall length and breadth (prevention against scale distortion). Instructions: place your foot on the paper on a solid floor. To trace the foot use a thin pencil. Hold it at a 90-degree-angle to the paper, trace all the way around the foot.
7G Your standard shoe size (e.g. EU 43)
7H Requested height of the boots without heel. Please note: at some models of high boots a corresponding extra charge may be charged!
7I Calf circumference on the widest part (tightened calf muscle).
7J Height from the floor to the level, where the measure "7i" is measured.

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